image word song

Lex Brown, American Flag, 2015.

image word song looks at some of the ways that poetry and language are finding expression, expanded definition, and new methods of distribution in the work of artists working with video, performance and songwriting. Included are a selection of poet Steve Roggenbuck’s YouTube published video-performances that weave together stream-of-consciousness narratives reflecting on contemporary life; documentation of a new multi-media performance work and a listening post by writer, artist, and songwriter Lex Brown; and hand-drawn animations that give visual form to poetry by sculptor and animator Lilli Carré.

image word song is a part of MIMEO REVOLUTION, an artist book and zine fair organized by MOCA Cleveland and inspired by the legacy of Cleveland poet d.a.levy (1942-1968)

MOCA Cleveland, 2015.

Artists: Lex Brown (1989, Oakland) lives and works in New Haven, CT; Lilli Carré (1983, Los Angeles) lives and works in Chicago; Steve Roggenbuck (1987, Michigan) lives and works in Tucson, AZ.

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